The Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga

Why Yoga??

Benefits of yoga:

  • Yoga practice provides many physical and mental benefits, offering improved circulation, flexibility, respiration, energy, and more.
  • While all exercise offers physical benefits, yoga is unique. Not only does it provide preventative mental and physical benefits, but it also teaches breath awareness—called pranayama.
  • Experts have long publicized the advantages of yoga for your mind and body, and there are many great reasons yoga has become so popular for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Because yoga is so customizable, it’s ideal for people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels.A consistent yoga practice leads to lasting results and can also help avoid future problems.

Yoga helps in day to day life:

  • It can also be particularly helpful for moving through difficult periods in your life. Yoga helps you remain calm, present, and mindful, even in the face of pain or hardship.
  • For cancer survivor Erin Michaela Sweeney, yoga was a way to help her through cancer treatments. “Throughout my chemo, radiation, and bone marrow transplant (BMT), I relied on yoga techniques and practices to help me.
  • Yoga has also been shown to provide relief for physical discomfort from a variety of ailments, from the pain of cancer treatments, to arthritis, to migraine headaches.
  • As a by-product of getting stronger, you can expect to see increased muscle tone.Yoga helps shape long, lean muscles in your legs, arms, back, and abdomen.
  • The movements necessary for yoga are low impact, allowing you to use your joints without injuring them. Yoga also helps strengthen the muscles around the joints, lessening their load. People with arthritis often see marked improvement in their pain and mobility with regular gentle yoga practice.

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