Top 10 NGO in India

Best NGO’s

1- Sammaan Foundation : – These organisations have been working for the cause of empowering the poor and helping them to link by means of education, training and financial support.

2- Goonj : – This organisation is working on a mission that focuses on resolving the clothing problem of underprivileged.

3- Akshaya Trust : – This trust have been working for the helpless,mentally ill, old, sick and the destitute of roadside residing in Madurai.

4- Smile Foundation : – This foundation works for providing universal education and healthcare services to the underprivileged and changing their lives forever.

5- Udaan Welfare Foundation : – Their focus is on children, senior citizen, environment protection and poor women.

 6- Pratham : – One of the largest NGO that works for educating the underprivileged children of Mumbai slum.

7- Lepra Society : – This actively promotes superior health care facilities through various initiatives. It aims to support health programmes in the prevention and control of AIDS, Leprosy and Tuberculosis.

9- Uday Foundation : – They work for child rights that focus on right to live with dignity.

10- Help Age India : – They work towards for the cause of senior citizens of our country. The prime objective that this foundation targets, is to make senior citizens well aware about their rights.

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